SARA Acebox-SL06

The ACEBOX is an high performance accelerograph. 
Our powerful SL06 recorder has, in the ACEBOX version, three embedded force accelerometers capable to record the seismic signal at high resolution in standard USB flash pen drives. Several Internet services are provided i.e. FTP Client & Server services to transmit data, and seismic protocol like SeedLink for real time data flow toward the most popular recording software like Earthworm, Seislog, SeiscomP, etc..; all this thanks to the SEISMONUX software, flexible and ease to use.

SL06 is excellent for temporary networks, local networks, single seismic stations, structure health monitoring stations. ACEBOX is the commercial version of SL06 with embedded accelerometer especially suitable for strongmotion field of application.

Its ultra low noise can perform background seismic noise measurement providing performance at same and sometime higher level than instrument of higher class.

The robust milled from solid block aluminum case, can resist to high loads in case bulding collapse and then protect the data memory.

With a series of trigger algorythms it can work in network with other SL06 instruments in order to avoid false triggers or don't miss any small signal. A numbers of automation are available inside and allow the automatic send to a data server of all the recorded files to be analised with modules of SEISMOWIN software suite like the DESK (for seismology) or ESCAP module (for engineering).

Thanks to the WEB based management system you can control the SL06 in a very simple and easy manner.
Customization on the unit are possible, on both hardware and software side.

Some technical features
 - Power : 10-16Vdc / 12-36V option (pws < 2.5W in recording with geophones)
 - Number of channel: 3 or 6 channels 24 bit (SD) 144dB
 - Sensitivity: 119nV/count / 238 nV/count (jumper selectable)
 - Sampling rates: 10,20,50,100,200,250,300,400,480,500,600 Hz
 - Real Time Clock: GPS disciplined clock by modulated PPS signal
 - Precision: +/- 10ppm -20/+50°C (+/- 40ms to the respect of UTC)
 - GPS Antenna: external with coaxial cable of 10 meters and BNC connector
 - Main CPU: ARM9
 - Mass Memory: USB pen-drives, with EXT2 file system
 - Data Format: GSE, SAC, SAF, SEED, miniSEED, SEG2
 - Data Links: Ethernet 10-100 and RS232
 - Housing: Milled from a solid block of aluminum, IP66/IP67, wall mounting possible
 - Dimensions: 205x170x107 mm
 - Operating temperat.: -20/+70°C option
 - Sensor connector#: MIL-C 10 o MIL-C 18
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