Güralp Borehole-3TB
3T Borehole

The 3T borehole system designed for borehole diameters of 103 to 229 mm. 
The 3T analogue sensors can be combined with a DM24 borehole digitiser and EAM data acquisition module to build a fully networked authenticating digital instrument inside a single borehole. If a digitiser is not required, the instrument is supplied with a strain relief mechanism to physically decouple the sensors from any vibrations in the load-bearing cable. The flexible, modular design offers a huge range of installation possibilities. For a full assessment of your options, please contact us.

Our best-selling broadband sensor in a system suitable for installation in cased boreholes. Borehole installations offer excellent performance for lownoise detection of weak seismic signals from a range of sources including local microseismic events and regional/teleseismic earthquakes.

 - Vertical seismic profiling
 - Microseismic monitoring
 - Robust velocity subsurface modelling
 - Teleseismic earthquake monitoring
 - Nuclear test ban treaty monitoring

Key Features
 - Force feedback broadband instrument
 - Radian borehole designed for quick deployment, operational at any angle
 - Wide range of sensitivities
 - Robust hole lock for installation and retrieval
 - Hybrid instruments available
 - Digital output and communication versions available

Performance is specific to each instrument in the borehole model range.
Please see relevant data sheet. 
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